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Transformational Therapy
for Service Members, Veterans, First Responders, and Medical Professionals

In the course of your work, you’ve had to face brutal realities.

You are a professional, working in the military, medicine, as a first responder, as an immigration lawyer, or in the State Department. When the stakes are high and lives are on the line, you function and respond. Inside, sometimes you feel terrified and powerless, but at work, there isn’t time for that, so you bury the fear and complete the mission. People see you as strong, unflappable, and dependable. But inside, you feel numb, like a robot, and angry much of the time. Your personal life has taken a toll for years. You shut yourself off: alcohol, TV, working too much, or exercising too much. Slowing down isn’t an option. Slowing down allows the pain to catch up, so you push forward regardless of how exhausted you feel.

You rarely trust or feel close to other people. Other people have safe predictable lives in a safe predictable world. It’s hard for you to relate. You feel old, aged decades before your time. You feel burdened with weight and responsibilities that other people wouldn’t understand, even if you tried to explain it. So you don’t. You carry the burden alone, feeling angry at the unfairness of the situation.

You double-down on holding the pain in and functioning, hiding just how tired and battered you feel on the inside. You take pride in your ability to keep going no matter what. Yet all the while a doubt whispers in the back of your mind “For what?” Deep down, you sense that you aren’t really happy and that the life you’ve built is too narrow, too small to be really living.

You want more. You want to feel alive again.

You want to feel all the good stuff that’s been missing since you walled off all of the trauma and pain: the joy, awe, connection, and love. You want to belong again, to feel like you are a part of life rather than watching other people live from the outside. You want more than professional excellence. You want to matter. You want how you feel in your life to matter. You want time for family, friends, hobbies, and relaxation. You want a therapist who understands both trauma and perseverance and can help you in balancing your life’s work, with healing from the past, and with creating a life that you enjoy.

Working with Dr. Aimee

Dr. Aimee is an Iraq war veteran and a former Army psychologist with over 16 years of service. 

aimee-ruscio-service-photo (1)
Learn to take better care of yourself so that you can live a full, rich life
Learn to move through painful past emotions so you can move forward feeling lighter and less burdened
Learn to trust yourself and to build a sense of freedom, peace, and wholeness in your life
Learn to trust and connect with other people
Dr. Aimee facilitates deep emotional work, which clients say is both challenging and transformational
Often, clients feel both lighter and tired at the end of a session, like finishing a hard but good workout

Dr. Aimee helps combat veterans, medical professionals and other people who have experienced trauma, to heal while maintaining a high level of functioning.

Take the next step in your healing: book a 20-minute inquiry call with Dr. Aimee.

Together, you’ll decide if it is a good fit. You have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.

Dr. Aimee offers sessions in-person in their Washington, DC office and via video teletherapy.