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Transformational Therapy for Individuals

Empowering Growth and Healing

Dr. Aimee works with a wide range of people on a wide range of issues: depression, anxiety, relationship problems, work-life balance, life transitions, work stress, grief and loss, healing after trauma, and navigating the world as an LGBTIQ person, among many others.

We all have emotions. Emotions are universal and foundational to how we experience our lives, navigate the world, and make meaning from our experiences. They tell us whether or not things are going our way and whether or not our relationships are healthy. And sometimes, painful emotions from the past are touched by events in the present, leaving us struggling with intense pain that feels out of proportion to what is happening right now.

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A Message from Dr. Aimee

Because I focus on working with emotions, I am able to help people from a variety of different life contexts, even life contexts that I don’t necessarily share.

Let’s say that a client comes to therapy feeling depressed and that under that depression is an old painful feeling of not being good enough that they have had their whole life.

Part of therapy is understanding their individual context and how that feeling was formed, how they experience it, and how it has impacted their life, which is highly personal and individualized. At a deeper emotional level, the process for transforming old painful shame through compassion, expressing sadness, or assertive anger is remarkably similar regardless of context. I am always working with people on both the highly personal level of their individual life context and on the more universal level of they feel and how to respond to how they feel in transformative and growth-oriented ways.

You are welcome in this practice.

You are human. You have emotions. Sometimes they give you trouble or you don’t quite know how to respond. If you resonate with my approach and want to work with me, that’s enough for me. Please reach out. 


–  Dr. Aimee Ruscio, Founder of EFT Works

Does individual therapy seem like it can help you?
Book a 20-minute inquiry call with Dr. Aimee.

Together, you’ll decide if it is a good fit. You have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.

Dr. Aimee offers sessions in-person in their Washington, DC office and via video teletherapy.