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Transformational Therapy for Couples

You love your partner and you are both struggling in your relationship.

Conflicts start and then take on a life of their own. Maybe you feel like you can’t always count on your partner. You have this frustration with them for not showing up in the ways that you want them to. 

Why can’t they just see what you need? Why do you need to ask them for closeness? Sometimes they are distant, which leaves you feeling alone, desperate, and afraid that deep down they don’t really want to be with you. You get angry with them and let them know. The angrier you get, the more they retreat. The more they retreat, the more you chase and criticize, trying to reconnect, but instead pushing them further away.
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Or maybe you are the partner in this relationship.
You don’t always know how you feel or how to share it.

During an argument, you frequently feel criticized, hurt and angry and retreat to keep the peace or get angry in return and defend yourself. Deep down, you feel not good enough, like no matter how hard you try you aren’t getting it right, or like your emotions are too much for your partner to handle. They don’t listen or understand, so better to hold everything in, avoid the fight, and avoid feeling more misunderstood. But the more you withdraw, the more alone your partner feels. The more alone they feel, the angrier and more critical they get, which leads to you withdrawing more.

Working with Dr. Aimee

I help couples understand and break cycles of conflict.

Rather than being caught in an endless painful argument, couples learn to identify and share their deeper emotions, vulnerabilities, and needs so that their partners are more aware of their experience and better able to respond with kindness and support
Therapy helps people to balance sometimes turning towards their partners for help with sometimes soothing themselves so that they feel solid and grounded even when their partners aren’t available
At the end of couples therapy, people often describe feeling closer to their partner, more trusting, and more secure in their relationship
Couples often leave therapy with a sense that even if they and their partner don’t have all the answers, they will be able to navigate the challenges that life throws at them as a team

Take the next step in your healing: book a 20-minute inquiry call with Dr. Aimee.

Together, you’ll decide if it is a good fit. You have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.

Dr. Aimee offers sessions in-person in their Washington, DC office and via video teletherapy.