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Dr. Aimee Ruscio | washington dc-based Psychologist

Therapy can show you the way to greater meaning and happiness.

Providing support in your healing to help you create the life you’re longing for.

the journey towards healing 

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A message from Dr. Aimee

I am a Compassionate, Down to Earth Therapist who Understands Longstanding Pain and Struggle.

As a therapist, I help people heal from difficult or traumatic experiences from the past that cause problems in their present life.

I have a wealth of experience helping people face and transform deep pain and turmoil, including assisting people in the LGBTQIA+ community and those who’ve experienced trauma and PTSD in the military.

Regardless of what your troubles are, there is always a way through them.

My therapy approach focuses on moving through heavy, longstanding, and painful emotions such as anxiety, depression, and anger.

You Have a Good Life in Many Ways, Yet You Struggle

You work hard and are likely successful…

Yet, you’re not happy. Inside, you often feel miserable, alone, and even unloved. You might feel broken or flawed at your core.

The fact that you’ve found your way to this website shows that you have hope that your life can be better.

Taking the step to seek help is the beginning of the journey towards healing.

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Outcomes of therapy

working with Dr. Aimee Can Help You Transform Painful Emotions into a Sense of Freedom and Lightness

You can take the difficulties you’ve had and incorporate them into your life in a way that creates a new story.
Create a story that leaves you feeling more confident and capable.
You’ll accept yourself, your feelings, and your past.
You’ll learn how to trust yourself and to use your emotions to guide your actions.
Learn to love yourself more and have more fulfillment in your relationships.
You’ll set better boundaries with those who don’t treat you with kindness and respect.
You can have more meaning and joy.
Your life will have a greater sense of purpose.
You’ll feel more optimistic about your future.

Take the next step in your healing: book a 20-minute inquiry call with Dr. Aimee.

Together, you’ll decide if it is a good fit. You have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.

Dr. Aimee offers sessions in-person in their Washington, DC office and via video teletherapy.